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Arthur County School District 500

Plan for use of ARP ESSER III Funds


Through the Nebraska Department of Education, we have available through the ARP ESSER III funds in the amount of $83,175. 00. Arthur County Schools plans to use ARP ESSER III funds to assist with the acquisition and implementation of the following items. Which will assist our staff in helping students raise achievement and improve health and air quality within the district.  With these funds we plan to:


  • Purchase and implement IXL to assist in Learning Loss
  • Purchase additional reading Kits from Really great Reading to improve foundational reading skills for elementary students
  • Purchase High Quality ELA curriculum to Improve reading instruction
  • Purchase Portable Heppa Filtration systems to help with Air Quality throughout the district and assist with the reduction of possible airborne particles to spread COVID-19 and other illnesses
  • Purchase Additional Bottle filling station drinking fountains to help reduce transmission of COVID – 19 and other illnesses.
  • Purchase risers for student performances

This plan was developed through the formation of a committee of  current staff volunteers. Members of the committee are comprised of staff members who serve as teachers, are members of the community and tax payers as well. We also have a member of the village board.  Minutes of committee meetings are kept with each meeting and the plan may be reviewed and amended if it is determined that a need or goal for the plan requires amendment. The board is updated on the progress of the plan as needed and at a minium of six months. This plan will be reviewed and updated every six months, the board will approve expenditures for the plan and will be updated on the plan at the following meetings June 2022, September 2022,  December 2022,  February 2023, June 2023 and December 2023.


Arthur County Schools plans to use a minimum of 20% of the allocation to address student learning loss in the areas of English-Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies, Agriculture Education, Physical Education, Music, and Art.  Currently, Arthur County Schools will use the IXL online learning curriculum to supplement curriculum and provide support for students who may have experienced learning loss during COVID-19 interruptions, and support learning for all students. Really great Reading curriculum supports students’ foundational reading skills, with opportunities to work on phonics, phonemic awareness, vocabulary, and reading comprehension, as students become more fluent readers it will help to address learning loss through individual, small group, and whole group instruction.  


The Arthur County School District is working with the staff at ESU 16 to find and adopt high-instructional quality materials for elementary ELA/Reading that will challenge students to reach grade level abilities and support student learning that addresses loss in learning, but also provides differentiated instruction based on student needs.


In an effort to promote a healthier environment and healthy habits Arthur County Schools will seek to purchase and implement portable Heppa filtration systems in all classrooms and where feasible large areas where people gather. The district will also seek to install bottle fill stations at all water fountain locations to encourage students to drink more water in a healthy manner that assists in maintaining a healthy body and prevent the spread of the COVID-19 Virus and other illness that may prevent them from attending school.


This plan will be reviewed and updated every six months.  The required deadline to spend and request reimbursement for these funds is fall of the 2023 school year. Comments or suggestions regarding this plan may be directed to the Superintendent, at (308) 764-2253 or email: blaine.cullinan@arthurcountywolves.org

Updated Oct. 27, 2022