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This year we are implementing the Remind App and communication platform to help us better communicate between home and school.  This platform allows you to receive messages through several different formats text, email and in app notifications.  If you have the app downloaded to your phone you will receive notifications in the app. If we have your email you may receive email notifications as well if you don’t have a smart phone but sign up via text you will receive text messages.


I am asking our teachers and coaches to use the remind app to communicate with students and parents this year. This will be the main source of communication between teachers and parents.  If you have a smart phone please download the app.


  1. What is Remind?

Remind is a communication platform that makes it easier for educators, students, and parents to work together. Remind has easy-to-use features that allow schools and districts to activate engagement across their communities. Remind allows for the sending of messages via SMS, in-app notifications, or email and phone calls without sharing personal contact information. Remind is now an official communication platform for Arthur County Schools.


  1. Remind at Arthur County Schools

Why did Arthur County Schools choose Remind?

For the 2021-2022 school year, Arthur County Schools will use Remind for the primary purposes of:

  • communication on scheduling updates, school happenings, transportation, extracurriculars, and athletics.
  • direct to teacher communication from school and district leadership.
  • direct teacher to classroom communication.
  • a back up system to our emergency notification platform for school closures and other important event reminders.

The platform works at many levels, district wide, school wide and the classroom or group level, 

Remind has roles that reflect the school community: teacher, student, parent, administrator, and no role. Each role has different abilities.

  • Teacher: A teacher or staff member who can join or create classes on Remind. Teachers can set office hours to let others know the best times to reach them.
  • Student: A participant who can join or create classes
  • Parent: An adult who can join or create classes on Remind. They can also message other participants in a class depending on the class settings and be linked as a parent to a student.
  • Administrator: An adult who manages their school or district on Remind. Their oversight and controls, include having communication statistics and organization-wide messaging, on the administrator dashboard. This role is only available to schools and districts with Remind Hub
  • No Role: A participant who was added to a class without a role. They can designate a student, parent, or teacher role in their account settings. 


Recently we had an event that we needed to close school due to a power outage. I was unable to activate our notification system in order to communicate the need to close school for the day.

If you want to be able to receive closing information through this app, please do one of following to receive announcements sent for this group or class.  This will back up our current system.


  1. On your cell iPhone or Android phone, open your web browser and go to rmd.at/cbgkkc then follow the instructions to sign up for remind, You will be prompted to download the app, If you don’t already have it on your phone.


  1. If you don’t have a smart phone you can receive text notifications. Text @cbgkkc to 81010.  If you have trouble with 81010 try texting @cbgkkc to (612) 223-6525. You can use this method to join if you already have remind on your phone too.


  1. From your desktop computer got to rmd.at/cgbkkc to sign up for email notifications