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Items to Note regarding School Starting

The First Day of School is Friday August 14, 2020 

This will be a full day 7:40 AM - 3:46 PM 

STUDENTS will not be allowed in any Building before 7:30 AM  

  1. Students will have their temperature checked before getting on the bus or entering any building. Students who have a temperature of 100 will not be allowed to attend school, get on the bus or enter the building.  Please wait until your student clears the temperature check before leaving when dropping your students off. 
  2. Buses will run on the schedule posted but allow a little more time at each stop to check temperatures. 
  3. To help with social distancing do not send your students to the bus until the driver signals you to send them.  
  4. Students who do not ride the bus are asked to maintain a social distance of 6 ft while waiting in line for your turn to be checked. 
  5. Students who present a 100 degree fever will be asked to step out of line and wait for a few minutes and then be checked again  if they have a Temp of 100 again they will be sent home.  
  6. Students  present with a 100 degree fever and upon recheck are below 100 degrees will be asked again to wait and check to make sure it stays below 100, those students may be rechecked  once again later in the morning to make sure they are do not have a fever.
  7. Students who have a fever will stay out of school until they have been 48 hours free of the fever, without medication, and have no other symptoms.  This is for all fevers related to any illness. 
  8. Students will be asked to use hand sanitizer before entering the bus or building. (Students who are allergic to hand sanitizer must wash their hands with soap and water, before going to any classroom or their locker) 
  9. Students will be encouraged to cover any cough or sneeze. 
  10. Students will be encouraged to wash their hands with soap and water often, or use hand sanitizer in place of washing. (Unless they are allergic to hand sanitizer, then they will be required to wash with soap and water.) 
  11. Students will be asked to maintain social distancing as much as possible  
  12. Students may wear a mask but are not required to do so at this time.


Masks or face coverings are not required at this time. It should be noted that guidance from our health department and the CDC encourages face coverings to prevent the spread of the virus.  It should also be noted that face coverings would not need to be worn all day, they would only be needed in times that do not allow for social distancing, not necessarily a whole class period. For example during passing time in the high school hallways. If we get to a point where we need to require coverings please keep this in mind.