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Information regarding Graduation 2020

On Friday July 3rd we are planning to have a graduation ceremony for our class of 2020.   The ceremony is scheduled to begin at 3 PM at the Football field at the High School. The ceremony will be different than what we are used to seeing. 

This is a recommended venue for this type of gathering, because this venue lends itself to the ability to practice distancing with a large group, here are a few things you will need to know about the ceremony to help you as you plan to attend. 

  1. Like we would do in the gym we will designate seating areas for families of graduates. Each area will be taped off and marked with small electric wire fence posts at each corner.  A sign for each family will be on a post at each end of the area.  The area will be 5 yards (15 feet) wide by 10 yards (30 feet) long.   We recommend 15 people in each area, but if you have more in your family than that attending and can safely fit them in your area you are welcome to do so.  Each family area will be separated by 3 yards (9 feet).  Please stay in your areas and do not intermingle with the other families.
  2. The graduates will be sitting in the bleachers in front of the press box, facing the field.  The areas for reserved seating will be toward the center of the field facing the bleachers.  Those who wish to attend in their vehicles will have a better view of things by parking on the east side of the football field.  This is limited space, and we ask that you DO NOT drive onto the field to park.  No vehicles will be allowed on the North or West side of the field. You may park along the top of the field on the south side, like you might for a football game, but the view will be from behind the graduates.
  3. Chairs, you are encouraged to bring your lawn chairs or own chairs. If you feel you would like to set up a shade canopy for your area you may do so.  We will have some folding chairs available if needed.  Families may come set up their seating area on the morning of the ceremony.
  4. Those who wish to attend but are not in reserved areas are encouraged to bring their own chairs as well, you can sit on the field at a safe distance from the reserved seating, and others. 
  5. There will not be a showing of the senior video at the ceremony, even if we have to move the ceremony to the gym due to weather, but it will be shared on the school Facebook page and website the morning of July 3.    At your reception, if you have access you can direct your computer to the either location to show the slide show.
  6. Once the ceremony is completed there will not be a reception line.  Please exit the area as quickly and safely as possible, trying not to interact with large groups. We encourage you not have a large reception after the ceremony, to limit the amount of possible contact but that is up to each family to decide.

There is no doubt that COVID-19 has changed the way we do things and how we interact. Things are uncertain for all of us. One thing I am certain about is that we have been blessed in Arthur County to avoid any major outbreak among us. The best way for us to maintain that status is to continue to use best practices to maintain our health; Wash our hands often, cover our coughs, when possible maintain 6 ft. distances, avoid large gatherings when possible.  If you are a member of the population that is highly susceptible to this disease please monitor yourself and avoid crowds whenever possible.  Face coverings are encouraged as well.


Good luck and Godspeed to our graduates, if you have any questions please contact me at the school.



Barry Schaeffer, Superintendent