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Over the course of the last semester we noticed a trend in our students who were posting failing grades, the trend was that most of the students who were posting a failing grade were doing so because they simply did not turn in their work.  To hold students accountable for completing work on time we have implemented a new policy for students enrolled in grades 7-12, this policy replaces the Academic Probation policy in our student handbook. 

The policy will require students who do not complete their work to receive a zero from their teacher until the work is handed in, those who need to complete work  or have a failing grade in their classes will be required to stay after school until the work is completed and handed in or until they have completed the necessary work to bring their grade to passing. If a student has a zero and shows up to his or her session for 8th hour, and hands it in to the teacher they will be allowed to go.  Those who do not have it done will not be allowed to practice or go until the end of 8th hour, they will need to attend 8th hour until the work is completed and handed in to the teacher. Teachers will be available from 3:46 until 4:20, 8th Hour will officially begin at 3:50 pm and run until 4:20 PM.  Students who have been absent and need extra help are also encouraged to attend this time and receive any help they may need. Those who are failing and those with zeros will be required to attend and must report to the teacher of the class they are failing or have a zero.  Parents will be contacted when a student is required to attend 8th period. If your student rides the bus you may need to make arrangements to have them picked up or if they can finish the work at home and bring it in the next day they may not have to stay after school.


The policy is stated below. 


8TH Hour and No Zero Policy 

8th hour takes place on regular school days, Monday through Thursday, from 3:50 PM to 4:20PM  This period is recovery time for students to make-up work, work ahead, or finish any work that must be done.  All teachers (excluding those with extra curriculars) will be present in their rooms during this time to provide any help needed. This period may be used by all students, but is required for all 7-12 students on the down list and/or having a zero in the gradebook. Students must report to the teacher for whom they have a failing grade or are missing work.   

For students required to attend 8th hour, absences must be approved by the administration or the following consequences will be imposed:

  • First offense - Parents/guardians contacted. Official warning given.
  • Second offense - Parents/guardians contacted. Time missed will be made up during lunch suspension.
  • Third offense - Parents/guardians contacted.  1 week on ineligible list.

No “0” (Zero) Procedure

The No “0” Procedure requires all students to turn in all of their assignments by the due date imposed by each teacher.  If an assignment is due to be turned in, the student is responsible for completing the work. If the student does not turn in the required assignment, the teacher will be required to consequence them with 8th hour. Students will be required to attend 8th hour until their work has been completed and handed in.  Teachers also reserve the right to dock points for late work as outlined in their class syllabi. If a student does not turn in the required assignment by 3:50 PM on the required day, the student will not be allowed to practice in any extra-curricular activity until that assignment has been turned in to the assigning teacher.